How to Get the Hot Hair Color For Fall, the "New Brunette"

As you're heading to the salon this Fall to refresh your look, consider a new multidimensional hue. We consulted celebrity hairstylist Rona O'Connor to find out what the biggest color trend will be this season, and she steered us toward what she calls "the new brunette."

While you might be used to balayage or highlights, this season's brunette is much more complicated and involves many shades blended together into a gorgeous new hue. "A painter's palette of warm hues and rich accents will be popular and give brunettes something super fun and cool to play with," O'Connor explained. "You'll see babylights in shades like mushroom and honey, bold ribbons of 24-karat gold and spiced ginger." She also mentioned that most of these highlights will be highly detailed and go through the midlengths and ends.

O'Connor also mentioned that clients not interested in getting highlights can opt for rich, shiny shades of espresso and bordeaux. The hairstylist revealed that the key to giving the hue a mirror-like finish starts in the salon. "Make sure to get overlays of semipermanent color glosses to enhance these shades," O'Connor recommended.

Ahead, you'll find some inspiration for the gorgeous brunette shades that will be everywhere this Fall.

Glossy Finishes

Detailed Highlights

Golden Hues

Wine Dipped

Dark Espresso

Ginger Painted

Burnt Orange Curls

Auburn Highlights

Golden Ribbons

Ginger Inspired

Honey Babylights

Dark Chocolate