Fenty Beauty-Inspired Nail Art Exists, and All Other Manis Are Officially Canceled

This year, getting your hands on certain sold-out Fenty Beauty products was the beauty equivalent of scoring a ticket to Hamilton — if you were lucky enough to snag a Pro Filt'r Foundation ($34) or Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife ($34), you just had to show it off.

Similarly, any manicure enthusiast knows that one of the best parts of the process (second only to a much-needed cuticle trim) is snapping a photo of your new fresh nails. Now, a new trend first spotted by Refinery29 combines those two viral beauty humblebrags in the most perfect way. People are matching their nails to their Fenty products — and it's actually pretty glam. Here are a few of our favorites.

Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Priscilla Ono, a makeup artist who works for Fenty, served as a hypewoman for the October Galaxy Collection launch by matching her mani to the Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette ($39, originally $59).

Another holographic twist on the palette.

Match Stix

She didn't stop there: Ono also 'grammed her nails subtly twinning with Match Stix ($25).

Match Stix are multifunctional, and so are the different ways your mani can mimic them. We love this (perhaps accidental) take on the black-and-white packaging.

Killowatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife ($34) isn't just a highlighter, it's a lifestyle. Perhaps that is best emulated by this gold-speckled mani.

Stunna Lip Paint

Since Stunna Lip Paint ($24) is crazy-long-lasting, hopefully this is an unchippable red mani, too.

The Whole Collection

Why pick one product to rep when you can turn your nails into an homage to Fenty itself?