Get 1 Step Closer to Becoming a Mermaid With This Fishtail Brow Trend

Looks like brow trends won't be going anywhere in 2018, but I'll happily deliver news of the newest craze on the block: fishtail brows. After the barely there negative-space brows, the ever-so-festive Christmas tree brows, and the wild ponytail brows, we're quite excited by this bold new look, which could take us one step closer to becoming actual mermaids.

The fishtail brow was created by Skyzeditz and spotted by Marie Claire, but we knew the trend was really born when beauty queen Huda Kattan posted an edited image of herself sporting the look. Much like the ponytail brow, the original was actually photoshopped, but the hashtag quickly amassed over 100 photos of people re-creating it, and while some have edited their photos, others have used brow-covering techniques to create the fishtail IRL. Huda Kattan loved the look so much that Skyzeditz told us that the team have even offered them a job in Dubai!

As we're waiting to see if people will actually cut this trend into their natural eyebrows and turn it into an alternative version of the eyebrow slit or cut that has been in the hip-hop community for a long time, read on to take a closer look at this aquatic trend and decide if you'd try it for yourself.