These Photos Will Make You Envious of Your Redhead Girlfriend

Growing up, we always coveted the redhead girl in class. Yes, she was teased incessantly for her flaming mane and face full of spots. But secretly we craved that unique look (thanks to Anne of Green Gables). That's why we're salivating over these gorgeous images by photographer Maja Topcagic. Her series called "Freckled" is dedicated to women with red hair and beauty marks. She recently told the Huffington Post that two percent of the people are blessed with this particular combination due to a genetic mutation. While Maja finds her models in her home country of Bosnia, there are definitely a few celebrities we know who sport spots, like Julianne Moore and Ellie Goulding. We've also seen freckled women of all shades on Instagram. Keep reading to see more gorgeous girls that will incite your redhead envy.