Friday the 13th Tattoo Ideas That Are Scary Cool

Friday the 13th has become somewhat of an unofficial holiday in the tattoo community. On the "unluckiest" day of the year, people flock to tattoo parlors for limited-edition flash designs or a quick session at a discounted rate.

Getting a Friday the 13th tattoo can be the perfect opportunity to add a new, tiny piece of artwork to your collection. While some studios require you to get one of their premade designs, others allow you to bring your own ideas as long as it's small and isn't too time-consuming. Before you book your appointment, call your tattoo parlor of choice to determine its policy.

Plus, common Friday the 13th tattoos aren't just limited to Halloween-esque decals or ink that incorporates the number 13 in them — although those are typically an option, too. Delicate skulls, witchy tattoos, and adorable black cats also make for great choices. Where it goes on your body is completely up to you, of course, meaning you can make your unlucky ink — with placement on your butt, back of the neck, or even behind your ear — or more noticeable, like on your forearm, wrist, or shoulder. Not only will you walk away with a new piece of body art, but it'll also have a pretty cool story behind it, as all of the best tattoos do.

With Friday the 13th falling on Oct. 13, it's time to think about the design you want to get this year. Start looking now with the cool Friday the 13th tattoo ideas we rounded up ahead.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Snake

Both small in size and hidden in location, this snake design makes for a perfect Friday the 13th tattoo.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Skulls

Skull tattoos can look like any number of things, but this design of three feels extra fitting.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Spider

Fair or not, spiders are often considered spooky, making them the perfect Friday the 13th tattoo.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Moon

Simple, outline designs are always classic, but this one feels extra witchy.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Knife

While hand tattoos tend to require more frequent touch-ups, you can make it a point to do so on a knife design like this every Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Bats

Just one of these bat tats is cool enough on its own, but five makes it a party.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: 13

Give the number 13 an inconspicuous makeover with this tattoo.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Aliens

Why not get an intergalactic design on Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Ghost

Nothing screams "boo" like a ghost tattoo, which makes it perfect for Halloween fans and Friday the 13th ideas.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Smoke

If you're a fan of bigger tattoos, try this sultry play on smoke and fire.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Teeth

Chattering teeth toy or the most epic Friday the 13th tattoo?

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Deathly Hallows

This Harry Potter flash tattoo is a nod to the Deathly Hallows design.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Melted Candle

It doesn't get more unlucky than a melted candle at night.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Hidden Skull

Anyone would want to do a double take of this skull tattoo encased around various plants and fungi.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Crescent Moon

This tiny moon tattoo would make a great addition to any collection.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Large Snake

If you're looking for an out-of-box snake tattoo, this design is both simple and complex.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Split-Face

Split-face tattoos are always conceptual and cool, but this skull design gives it a spooky, Friday the 13th twist.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Match

We love this match tattoo that gives "smoke show" all new meaning.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Magic

Give a nod to the all seeing eye with this magic-inspired tattoo.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: 13

It doesn't get more straightforward than etching the unlucky number 13 on your body.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Full Moon

You often see crescent moon designs on Friday the 13th flash sheets, but this full moon with full facial details is an unexpected surprise.

Friday the 13th Tattoos: Rose Snake

A snake tattoo, but make it rosy.