Gabby Douglas's New Hair Is So Cute, You'll Do a Front Handspring

Gabby Douglas debuted a new hairstyle on Aug. 14, and people haven't been this excited since the 2012 London Olympics. That's because the 21 year-old gymnast now has bangs, and the style is truly gold medal-worthy.

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It looks like Gabby's length has stayed consistent, but her brow-covering fringe is all new. We love how the style frames her smoky eye. And, while we're on the topic of this beauty 'Gram, can we point out that she's also serving an amazing nude lip? Seriously, we need to know what balm she uses, so we can somersault over to Sephora and buy it in bulk.

This grown-up look is so gorgeously dramatic that people are doing splits. Well, not exactly, but there's a lot of love for Gabby's bangs on Twitter right now. Read on for reactions to the new hairstyle we'd give a perfect 10.