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geeksugar Is All About Natural Beauty

You know how in bad movies, the scientist or techie girl lets her hair down and it tumbles into beautiful, perfect curls? geeksugar is that girl. Seriously, she knows her technology inside and out, and on top of that, she is intimidatingly pretty. In fact, after finding out about her natural, no-fuss approach to beauty, I almost want to dislike her for being so effortlessly put-together. But she's so nice that I can't. Read on for her easy beauty tips.

Which beauty products are your must-haves?
Five products that I absolutely cannot live without include Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile deep cleansing cream, Aubrey Organics sea buckthorn and cucumber moisturizing cream for combination dry skin, Bobbi Brown's bronzing powder, MAC Studio Stick concealer, and Shikai's Color Reflect Mist and Go conditioning spray with soy protein and panthenol — my detangling savior!

What’s your favorite beauty ritual?
Although I don't do this as often as I would like, I love doing a deep conditioning homemade treatment on my hair (the egg/mayo/olive oil combo). I then slather a nice rejuvenating deep pore-cleansing mask on my face and soak in a bubble bath for a half hour or so. Totally relaxing, therapeutic and good for the mind, body and soul. Some soft Zen music playing in the background helps as well!

For Geek's advice on the unusual cream that works as lip gloss,


What’s your go-to lip product?
I've used this for way too many years but it's so awesome I just can't part with it! My go-to lip product is The Body Shop's lip and cheek stain in rose pink. When you first put it on it looks like something Barbie would wear, but trust me, with a little shimmery gloss, it looks divine (and less eighties!), plus it will keep your lips a nice hue of pink for hours!

What is your morning beauty routine?
I like keeping things simple as I believe less is definitely more when it comes to makeup! Some concealer, bronzer, mascara and gloss usually does the trick for me.

What’s your signature fragrance?
Since I'm super-sensitive when it comes to perfumes, I tend to stay away from products that contain chemicals and harsh ingredients. I usually just stick with wearing a dab or two of sandalwood or rose essential oils on my wrists.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
To always wash off your make-up before you go to bed. Thanks, Mom!

And the worst advice?
That you must use liquid foundation before applying your makeup. I've always looked hideous wearing liquid foundation! UGH!

Any tips or tricks you want to share with readers?
If you tend to use lots of hair products, I suggest using a deep cleansing shampoo once in a while to remove all the excess residue, pollutants and dirt from your hair. Mop's basil mint shampoo will do just the trick. Also, instead of covering your body in lotion filled with harmful chemicals, try using something like Alba's Kukui nut organic body oil, which is an excellent moisturizer and safe for your body. Finally, lanolin nipple cream (for breastfeeding mothers) is a fantastic lip gloss – so shiny and thick and hardly wears off! Definitely great for chapped lips. My friend introduced me to it and I’ve been addicted ever since!

Your favorite drugstore beauty product?
Witch Hazel! Witch Hazel is a great all-natural astringent that gently cleanses the skin without removing essential moisture. It also reduces pore size and helps to combat break-outs.

When do you feel the most beautiful?
After I get back from a long brisk walk in the evening. I love filling my lungs with fresh air and getting my heart rate up — my skin always glows afterwards!

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