Cardi B's Latest Makeup Look Is Brought to You by This Sold-Out Pizza Palette

Update: Glamlite's pizza-themed makeup palette just got a seal of approval from Cardi B. The rapper's longtime makeup artist, Erika LaPearl, revealed via Instagram on Sunday that she used the "epic" pizza palette on Cardi B for her set at Rolling Loud Music Festival this past weekend. In a separate photo, LaPearl detailed what colors she used on the rapper to complement her eccentric costume, which was a red, lace bodysuit with a fringe trim. She used the shades Kalamata Olives, Ham, Marinara, and Prosciutto, with some glitter that she added for that extra bit of drama.

The Pizza Palette is currently sold out on the Glamlite website — it ended up selling out in just 48 hours — but, according to a representative for the brand, it's still available for pre-order and will be back in stock in coming weeks.

This story was originally published on Dec. 11.

If you can very easily be won over by the thought or promise of pizza in any form (specifically, that of makeup), then you'll be elated to discover that your love for the pie has been taken to brand-new heights. It comes in the form of a pizza-themed eye shadow palette that's currently making us wonder why we've never seen anything like it (and why we've yet to add it to our online shopping cart).

The palette was created by Glamlite Cosmetics after the company's founder, Gisselle Hernandez, decided to combine her love of pizza and cosmetics. It comes with 18 different shades, all of which are named after beloved pizza toppings. A few examples include Jalapeños, a shimmery, forest green shade; Hot Sauce, a scarlet color made to resemble the bright red hue of actual hot sauce; and Kalamata Olives, a deep purple. The only topping that doesn't seem to be included in the palette is anchovies, which is probably for obvious reasons. The Pizza Palette is available online at, where it retails for $40. See more photos of the product ahead.