Hairy Selfie Nails Exist Now, Because Why Not?

As it stands, brows and nail art are currently tied in the top spot for the creepiest, most extra, and sometimes terrifying trends. Recently the trend filling our feed is straight out of your nightmares after watching The Ring.

Dain Yoon, an incredible visual illusion artist, has skills that both amaze and scare the crap out of us. She has designed nail art of her face, then stuck long black hair on her cuticles to create mini portraits of herself. The strands look a lot like her real hair, which furthers the scare factor slightly. If you want to try this at home, probably don't start cutting and sticking your real hair, and buy some cheap exensions or a wig instead! Dain describes her creation as self nail art. She followed this with another post introducing "Dain 1, Dain 2, Dain 3, and Dain 4", and now I'm creeped out.

Our feelings are in line with commenters who "don't even know how to feel anymore." There's no denying the artistic vision behind this work, but it's probably not one to re-create for a day at work. If you want to take a peep at all of Dain's alter egos, keep reading to meet all of them.