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No No hair removal: product review

Product Review: No!No!

I've already told you about No!No! ($250), a new and painless hair-removal device that's making its U.S. debut at Sephora. Well, I was able to try out No!No!, and I think you'll like what it does.

First, it's important to understand that No!No! promises measurable, but not miraculous, results. With continued use, it will eliminate about 65% of body hair. It won't do it overnight, however; you need to be committed to using the device two or three times a week for at least eight weeks. After that time, you should see much less regrowth, and the hair that is there will not be as obvious. I've only been using mine for two weeks, but I'm already noticing a difference. To find out what it's done so far,

No!No! works by using Thermicon technology, which uses thermodynamic pulses of heat to dissolve the hair follicle. To use the device, you plug it in, insert a wire gadget appropriate to your hair length, and run it along your skin at a 90-degree angle. A green light at the top of No!No! helps you know if you're doing it right. When you are, it's steadily green. When the light flickers, you're not at the right angle.

No!No! claims to be pain-free, and guess what? It is. There might be a slight sensation of warmth, but it's not even vaguely uncomfortable. One thing I wasn't expecting, though, was the smell. As the hair follicles get zapped, they smell like, well, burning hair. It's not the best odor, but I found that after the initial session, I was zapping stubble—so with shorter hair, the stink is minimized.

As I said earlier, I'm only two weeks into my No!No! adventure, but I'm starting to see a difference. Maybe it's just the placebo effect, but I feel like I can go an extra day or two without shaving, simply because the hair doesn't seem to grow back as fast. (I'm shaving while using No!No! just so I am not a hirsute leggy lady.) The initial results are promising, and I'm going to stick with the program.

Now, I know the price is off-putting to a lot of you. It is to me, too (I was given a test unit to review). Two hundred and fifty dollars is a lot of money, but depending on how important hair removal is to you, it may be worth it. It's a lot less expensive than laser treatments, and it's much cheaper than getting your legs or bikini area waxed every month for a year. That said, it's also more expensive than kicking the Bic. I will say, though, that if you have stubborn body hair—such as thick arm hair—or if you just don't want to mess with shaving anymore, you'll want to say yes, yes to No!No!

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