Halle Berry's New Undercut Hair Tattoo Looks Seriously Pretty

Halle Berry proves the best way to get some air on your neck during the hot days of Summer is via a delicate design. We're talking about undercut hair tattoos, and even though there is nothing new about this style, women are currently showing off their interpretations on Instagram. Some are even getting creative with glitter.

The actress and mom became part of this community when she shared a photo on Instagram of her new hairstyle. It features a floral design shaved into the bottom half of her head. The look goes from the tops of her ears down to the nape, and it can be hidden by the rest of her hair when it's worn down. This is a genius way to make your style appear more creative and festive when you wear your mane up in a ponytail or topknot.

Halle's dark locks also show off subtle honey highlights, adding to the artistic feel of this gorgeous style. The only remaining question is: will she eventually deck out her undercut tattoo with glitter or rainbow colors?!