Good Morning to Everyone Except the Troll Who Slammed Halsey For Her Armpit Hair

Some things you should know by now: the sky is blue, you should wear SPF every day, and women have body hair. Most of us already know and are cool with the last tidbit, but if you aren't, please don't go after Halsey. That's because the "Him & I" singer has no problem shutting down Internet trolls — and we're applauding her efforts.

On April 6, Halsey posted a few selfies on Twitter. While we were mostly staring at her low-parted updo, one user decided to focus in on the slight fuzz poking out from under her armpits. (Let the collective eye rolls begin.)

It looks like the troll covered Halsey's armpit with a "LOL" sticker and captioned the picture, "what the hell is this ?!!!" The 23-year-old singer/songwriter was happy to clarify:

Halsey's mic-drop Tweet reads: "It's an armpit you've put a sticker over. Not sure what else there is here to explain?" Of course, she could have gone into a deeper discussion about how a woman's choice to keep or remove body hair is her own damn decision, but why waste her precious time defending such a obvious statement? Plus, Halsey's followers were quick to jump in on the assist:

Halsey: "Bad at Love," but f*cking fantastic with the comebacks.