This 5-Star-Reviewed Hair Dryer Just Got a Major Upgrade — and Celebrities Already Love It!

Give yourself a pat on the back, because you (yes, YOU!) helped celebrity hairstylist and eponymous brand owner Harry Josh create his latest hair dryer. Let's backtrack: in 2013, Harry launched a mint green blow dryer that instantly became a household, backstage, and pro-tool favorite.

It's not cheap at $300 a dryer, but it's a more elevated tool than many of its predecessors. Harry knew what the people wanted. He's responsible for doing the famous heads of Cindy Crawford (pictured), Gisele Bündchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Olivia Wilde, and countless models. You don't get to work with that roster without understanding women's hair needs. He translated this knowledge into a popular line of tools. And us regular people? Well, we love it!

The original dryer has unique features like ion settings and a dual-filtration system to reduce energy use by 70 percent and functions to make it 60 percent faster than the average blower. But the new one — ahem — blows the OG out of the water.

When Harry decided to renovate his already-pretty-perfect hair dryer, he looked to online reviewers for feedback. "If it was up to me, I probably wouldn't have even made a second dryer, I was so content with the first one," Harry told me at a press event (where he also did my hair, and, let me say, the man can create some dope beach waves). "But this dryer, as my team and partners call it, is for the fans. It was curated by solely asking people who had bought the original dryer what they wish the dryer could have that it does not have now."

"This dryer, as my team and partners call it, is for the fans."

He went on to explain exactly how the team did this: "We went through reviews and had nothing but four- and five-star reviews for the first year of selling our dryer. We had a hard time figuring out how to improve on that. So we wrote to people — we had the emails of the people who purchased it — and we asked them what they liked. These are the three things they would really want."

And what are the those thing? "What's new about this dryer is that it's lighter in weight, it dries the hair faster, and it's much quieter than the original," Harry explained. The new features include weighing less than a pound, being quieter (the brand calls it "whisper-soft air flow"), a motor speed of 94 miles per hour, 12 heat settings (the original has eight), and a longer nozzle attachment.

"We now have an adjustable hair nozzle because of a lot of hairdressers need more of a standard-shape hairdryer, which is longer," Harry said. "So they can actually rest their supporting hand on the nozzle to blow-dry the hair." Basically, pros hold the blow dryer in one hand and a styling brush in another that rests atop of the long nozzle when they give you those bouncy Kate Middleton-inspired curls.

The one aspect Harry left alone is that gorgeous pistachio color, which he described as '50s vintage mint green. "We didn't change the color or the shape, because everyone loved that," he explained. "So all we had to do was change the guts, in a way — the insides, not the outsides."

But I was also curious about how he picked this color in the first place, which stands out among the countless millennial pink and rose gold products other brands have been launching over the past few years. "Honestly, I wanted a color that would last forever — that would never be out of style," Harry said. "So I picked something somewhat vintage but also somewhat calming and peaceful that looks chic and expensive. This green hit all of those marks — more than any other color I had experimented with."

As an early tester, I can confirm the dryer is lighter than some of my bottles of hairspray. Granted, the first time I used it, I had Harry styling my hair (#blessed), but I was in and out of his chair in under 45 minutes, shampooing and curling included. When I did my own hair, I'd say it shaved about five minutes off of the time — which makes a difference for those of us who are usually running late in the morning (um, hi!).

My advice to you all — especially those of you who actually helped create this dryer — is to add it to your holiday gift-to-me-please list. The Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer will be available for $349 in late October at, where you can preorder it now.