Harry Styles Looks Pretty Different With His New Messy Hair and Stubble

Getty | Dia Dipasupil

There are some celebrity hair changes that surprise us, some that downright shock us (looking at you, Charlize Theron), and others that cause a Twitter chain reaction. The latter happens when Harry Styles switches up his hairstyle and takes on a shorter, choppier, and all around more rugged vibe. It shouldn't come as a shock to any of us that a man with the surname Styles truly does have style, particularly when it comes to hair.

Styles was spotted around Italy posing with fans, wearing his hair casually brushed forward and shorter than usual, his normally bouncy curls looking straighter and shaggier.

Along with the shorter hairstyle, he's gone longer with his facial hair, appearing to be growing out a mustache or goatee perhaps. People have even been comparing his new look to being similar to his old bandmate Louis Tomlinson — and we can 100 percent see why.

Styles' hair has been on quite a journey over the years.. From his 2010 preppy locks to his 2015 man bun, he's always ahead of the hair trends — he can even pull off a '90s butterfly clip like a true rock star. So it's no surprise that fans were quick to spot his latest hairstyle change, which is quite unexpected and a lot less glamorous than usual.

Ahead, get a closer look at Styles' new style and all the best fan reactions.