17 Bath Bomb Recipes That'll Make For a Cute and Affordable Mother's Day Gift

May 1 2020 - 1:45pm

Mother's Day [1] won't look the same for many of us this year, but if there's one benefit to social distancing [2] and spending more time at home [3], it's that most of us have had a little more time for DIY [4] projects — like making a beauty [5] gift for the special day.

We can't think of a better present than one that'll upgrade their much-needed self-care routine [6] than homemade bath bombs [7]. Ahead, keep scrolling to find bath bomb recipes that use common, household ingredients to help you create the perfect, personalized gift [8] for Mother's Day this year.

Cool Mint DIY Bath Bombs

You can choose to follow this easy recipe to get cool-mint colored bath bombs.

Hot Pink DIY Bath Bombs

If you think your mom will enjoy a hot pink addition to her bath routine, this is the recipe for you.

DIY Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, or Cream of Tartar

No need to worry if you don't have citric acid, epsom salt, or cream of tartar at home. Just use lemon juice, baking soda, corn starch, and salt instead.

DIY Lush Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid or Cream of Tartar

If you're a fan of Lush bath bombs, this is the recipe you need to follow.

Floral DIY Bath Bombs

You can add some flower petals in your homemade bath bombs to make them a little fancier.

DIY 3 Ingredient Unicorn Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, or Cream of Tartar

These unicorn bath bombs have the perfect consistency and are so bubbly, which makes them great for bath time.

DIY Geode Bath Bombs

These geode bath bombs might take a little longer to make, but they are worth the wait. You're guaranteed to impress your mom with these shiny bath bombs that'll change the bath color beautifully.

Colorful DIY Bath Bombs

Who said bath bombs can have only one color? This recipe is what you're looking for if you're trying to get creative with your color choices.

Fun-Shaped DIY Bath Bombs

You can use a baking mold to give your bath bombs different shapes.

Large Batch DIY Bath Bombs

Use this recipe if you'd like to make more than five bath bombs.

Easy DIY Frizzing Bath Bombs

If you're looking for a bath bomb that floats and fizzes, this is the recipe that you need.

Eucalyptus Bath Bombs

You can make eucalyptus-scented bath bombs using this fun and easy recipe.

Luxurious DIY Bath Bombs

Who knew bath bombs could look this pretty? If you decide to use this recipe, you can make cupcake, geode, doughnut, and cookie bath bombs.

DIY Natural Bath Bombs

You can add rose buds, lavender, rose pedals, and camomile to your natural bath bombs.

Coconut Oil Bath Bombs

You can add coconut oil to your bath bombs for an added moisturizing benefit.

Easy Orbeez Cookie and Milk Bath Bombs

This chocolate chip cookie bath bomb recipe is guaranteed to make you hungry.

Luscious Lavender DIY Bath Bombs

If your mom is a fan of lavender, you can add scented essential oils that'll upgrade her bath experience.

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