The Spice Girls' Makeup Artist Says Lip Liner Is Back — With a Modern Twist

There were many important aspects to a makeup look in the '90s, many of which we can thank the Spice Girls for. One of the most essential components to a makeup look was lip liner. Still, it's one of the easiest ways to create fuller looking lips with makeup, and back in the day, the more obvious the liner, the better. Although lip liner is a little more subtle now, it's never been more popular. Even Meghan Markle is fond of using some pencil to enhance her look.

Who better to school us on turning the nostalgia of lip liner into a modern-day trend, then, than the Spice Girls' makeup artist? Karin Darnell told POPSUGAR: "Geri's lip liner stood out and had a lot of people trying to learn the technique of achieving those great full red lips." However, Darnell said that in order to modernize the look, she creates a "diffused lip."

Essentially, a diffused lip harnesses the power of lip liner but blends out the edges for a softer effect — a great technique if you're worried about getting your lip liner perfect, particularly with darker colors. "Apply lipstick using a brush, starting in the middle and smudging to the outside edges to blend the color to create the illusion of bigger lips."

This technique will give you all the girl power of a bold lip, but with less maintenance. Keep reading to see some of the Spice Girls' best lip liner moments.