Get the Sharpest Cheekbone Contour of Your Life Using Scissors

If you haven't mastered contouring by now, it's time you tested out a few hacks in order to sharpen your skills. We're particularly fond of using adhesive tape to create a sculpting template. However, if you prefer edgier techniques, give this scissor trick a try.

Celebrity makeup artist Jose Martinez took to his Instagram account to demonstrate how he uses snippers to achieve cheekbones so sharp, they look like they could cut glass. He holds the blades slightly open near his ears, creating a triangle shape, then uses this negative space as a frame in which to paint his shadowing shade.

Trying this at home? We suggest sweeping all of your hair off your face, then using children's safety scissors as your defining tool. You don't want to risk giving yourself a new look — or worse, any injuries!