5 Tips For Growing Out Your Hair That Worked For Me

Jenna Whitecar
Jenna Whitecar

Ever instantly regret having your stylist go a little scissor-happy? Or perhaps you dream of having luxurious mermaid hair. Or maybe you just want to make those locks get past your shoulders. Whatever it may be, when you want to grow out your hair, getting the patience for the results can be somewhat painful, especially in a world where we have instant gratification in so many other areas at our fingertips.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do (that are also good for your health!) that will allow your hair to get to your ideal length, no matter your starting point. Just stay loyal to these habits, and try not to get caught up in the impatient game too much.

Air-Dry It More Often

Heat appliances like curling irons, hair dryers, and straightening irons are very damaging to the hair. They dry your hair out, causing breakage. And when there is breakage, your hair cannot continue to grow healthily, so it increases your chance of split ends, as well as having to cut it shorter than you may intend later on. Not ideal for your Serena van der Woodsen hair dreams. So, on the days that you don't have pressing plans to go all out on the hair and makeup front, let your hair just air-dry into its natural state. This break is not only good for your hair itself but also your scalp and follicles.

Take a Hair, Skin, and Nail Multivitamin

Talk to your doctor first about adding any supplements into your regimen, but usually a basic women's hair, skin, and nail multivitamin will give a little extra TLC to your strands. You'll notice some great changes in your skin, too. Not to mention, your nails will grow much more quickly. The only downside to this is your eyebrows will grow in a bit faster as well, so keep those tweezers nearby.

Schedule Regular Trims

This concept usually is the one many people who are trying to grow out their hair skip, because they just see it as another haircut that won't get them to their goals, but in reality, trimming your hair is one of the best and most efficient things you can do to grow out your hair. As mentioned previously, when your hair is dried out, not cared for properly, and doesn't receive regular trims, it is likely to split, and dead ends develop. There is no point in having long hair when the ends look like a frayed broomstick! Regular trims are upkeep to your ends that allow your hair to grow out healthily. Not doing this is taking the easy way out — and robbing yourself of quality hair.

Use a Comb or Brush at the Proper Times

Use a comb on wet hair and a brush on dry hair. Brushing wet hair can result in breakage. And since our hair has some elasticity to it, it can stretch it out, but only makes it weaker and more susceptible to breaks. You need to make sure that you are using appliances that work with your hair, instead of against it. So, if a wide-tooth comb is not in your bathroom cabinet, get one! Leave it in the shower and comb your hair while bathing when it still has conditioner in it. Game changer!

Change Your Diet

What is going on in the inside of your body is always reflected on the outside. Eat more foods that are high in zinc, biotin, vitamin A, omega-3s, and vitamin C. So that means seafood, avocados, sweet potatoes, and eggs should be on your plate at each meal. Yum! Essentially, a healthy diet can make all the difference.

All this advice definitely played in my favor for having long, healthy hair!