Double Cleansing Is as Good For Your Beautyblender as It Is For Your Skin

We adore our Beautyblenders, but because of our neurotic tendencies, we get frustrated that they never seem to get completely clean. No matter how thoroughly we massage the little sponge, it still holds on to foundation residue. Thanks to one Imgur user, we know that our makeup isn't completely penetrating our favorite beauty tool, so the damage is purely superficial. But we still want the Beautyblender to look as clean as it did the day we first got it!

Celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono, who uses her Beautyblenders on clients like Amber Rose and Jasmine Sanders (also known as Golden Barbie, one of the stars of Kylie Jenner's lip gloss video), revealed her secrets to completely purifying the sponges: double cleansing. Many women wash their face twice — once to remove makeup and dirt, then again to detoxify and treat skin. This method works the same way!

"I feel like hands get pruny when washing Beautyblenders," she remarked. "This method saves time and pruniness!" She fills up a bowl with the brand's liquid cleanser ($18), then leaves her sponges to soak for 20 minutes. Ono believes that this pre-treating method really targets stains that can form after using the product with deep foundation shades. Afterwards, she uses Blendercleanser Solid ($16) to finish the job.

If you're afraid that all this washing will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your sponge, don't be. It's letting bacteria fester in your Beautyblender that will lead to its demise. That, and using alternative cleansers. Ono recommends sticking strictly to the aforementioned Beautyblender-brand cleansers. "When you wash with a different soap, it rips sooner," insisted Ono.

While it's unclear why it could cause the product to rip, one theory is that other soap formulas are more abrasive. Surfactants (ingredients that create lather) can be stripping on skin or hair, so it would make sense that they could cause the deterioration of your sponge. However, both Beautyblender's solid and liquid cleansers are low-suds and soy-based, meaning they work very gently on the little eggs.

Still nervous about double-cleansing? Try soaking spots with baby oil to lift stains, then washing your sponge with the brand's solid cleanser.

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