How to Get Larger, Natural-Looking Lips With Makeup

When I scroll through Instagram, one thing I notice regularly are large, full lips. And while you might be convinced it's the power of makeup, many times their lips are naturally large or, let's get real, they've had a little help in that department.

I know this because I don't have teeny-tiny lips, but my pout isn't Angelina Jolie status, either. And there have been plenty of times I have tried to accentuate my lips with makeup, only to reveal a clown-like outline around my mouth. And trust me: it might look good in photos, but it definitely doesn't play out well IRL. But after several bouts of trial and error, I did find a way to make my lips look bigger without looking like I finished an intense makeout sesh. To state the obvious, getting larger lips doesn't mean they have to look huge. Instead, they have a subtle plumpness that fits my face.

Check out all the tips naturally enhancing your lips and then let me know your favorite tricks for showing off your pout!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios | Alex Van Brande