Glitter Tongue Exists So You Can Sparkle From Within

It's no secret that beauty junkies are known to put glitter on every damn part of their bodies that they can think of (glitter booty, anyone?). Because of that, it takes a lot for sparkles to shock us these days. But if you're gunning for a new shimmery look, take a gander at the latest place people are sparkling up: their tongues.

Much like how we used to intentionally rub Ring Pops all over our tongues just so we could reveal that special blue raspberry tint once we opened our mouths, glitter tongue turns your smile into a surprise-inside treat. Since you have to open your mouth to show off this trend, we like to think of glitter tongue as an aesthetic manifestation of inner beauty.

But before you go and squeeze glitter glue down your throat, let's talk logistics. Of course, anything you put in your mouth should be nontoxic and safe to ingest in small, trace amounts. One Australian makeup artist named Jacinta Vukovic recently rocked glitter tongue on Instagram and wrote that she stumbled upon the look during a metallic lip gone rogue. "I got glitter on my tongue, so I thought I would embrace it and make it the main focus!!"

When POPSUGAR reached out to Jacinta, she clarified that the look was "difficult" to achieve. "I couldn't swallow the whole time I was trying to get a good picture," she revealed. However, Jacinta admits that won't stop her from doing the style again: " I think it makes a simple look extraordinary."

Jacinta's brand of choice is Lit Cosmetics, which is known for its glitter liquid bases and flakes. While this product is intended to be used on your body, according to the brand's site, the glitter doesn't "taste that good (we know this from experience)," but "it won't harm you in any way." It probably helps that Lit is a vegan, hypoallergenic label, so opt for a glitter that is similarly gentle.

Also, be prepared to spend quite a bit of time scrubbing this sh*t off. Something tells us that a simple makeup wipe won't do the deed by itself. The easiest way to remove body glitter is by (softly) pulling it off with the adhesive side of tape.

We'd recommend brushing your teeth afterward, but before you do that, maybe take a selfie of your sparkling pearly whites so we can see if "glitter teeth" becomes a thing, too.