If You're a KUWTK Fan, You're Going to Love Huda Kattan's New Show

A minor modern tragedy: It's 10 p.m. on a Monday night. You're finally cozied up on your couch, glass of wine in hand and/or cute furry pet to cuddle by your side. You're too emotionally exhausted for a true-crime binge and not into the idea of rewatching Seinfeld for the 40th time.

You want a show that makes you feel like your go-to pair of sneakers: warm, fuzzy, and comfortable. You're in the mood for a breezy reality show others might call a "guilty pleasure," except you feel no shame. Think early seasons of the Kardashians or America's Next Top Model.

Enter Huda Boss, the Kattan sisters' new Facebook Watch show. You probably know this budding empire through the popular brand Huda Beauty, which has released cult-favorite products such as the Rose Gold Eye Shadow Palette and metallic matte Lip Strobes. In just five years, the brand has gone from founder Huda Kattan having to hand-pack her own fake eyelashes to making as much money for one Instagram post as some people do in a whole year. The sisters — Huda, Mona, and Alya — have now set their sights on reality TV, and all you have to do is bring the popcorn.

I'll admit, I watched the first episode mostly because I've given myself the title of "Senior Huda Reporter" at POPSUGAR. I'd received a few press releases about the show, but I wasn't sure what to expect, as its description was vague. Given Huda's background — she started as a vlogger — I assumed the show would be one long tutorial. Instead, my extra ass was delighted to see that this is a full-blown reality show that features all the elements required for a small-screen treat. There's plenty of drama, tons of direct-to-camera interviews, and ample eye candy in the form of both new beauty products and a hot personal trainer named Jeremy.

I wasn't prepared for the show to be so raw. In the first episode, we get a peek inside the creation of Huda's new concealers. The formula is first described through a voiceover as "really luxurious," but as it cuts to Huda testing a sample in the next shot, things start creasing. The snafu is not only a financial defeat for the brand (Huda's husband, Chris, estimates that pushing back the release could cost them more than a million dollars in losses), but a personal one, too. At a recent event, Mona told POPSUGAR that her sisters work "16-hour days, almost every day" to make things perfect, so seeing how the setback affects them in such a visceral way can be at times hard to watch. The show isn't an overly branded puff piece — you actually get a glimpse of the blood, sweat, and tears Huda sheds over her work. (And through all that, her mascara almost never runs — she's a true pro.)

Future episodes will have the sisters traveling to LA, meeting with other brand founders such as Too Faced's Jerrod Blandino, and working to finally perfect their concealer formula. But it's not all work and no play. As previously mentioned, there's hint of a romance between Mona and her alarmingly attractive personal trainer, plus we get a peek inside Huda's domestic life with her husband and her daughter, Noor. The family's patriarch, a college professor named Ibrahim, also makes some certifiably adorable cameos.

Want in? Episodes are released via the streaming platform on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET, and the first one premiered on June 11.