Someone Tried to Make "Hurricane Irma Makeup" a Thing, and Twitter Is Outraged

Hurricane Irma caused massive devastation across three states when it reached Florida earlier this week. According to The Weather Channel, 31 people in the United States and 68 people in the Caribbean have died as a result of the storm. Thankfully, many people have helped the relief efforts by donating to the American Red Cross, UNICEF, or other accredited nonprofits. Unfortunately, one makeup artist named Kali Harlow tried to "raise awareness" for Irma in a way that has caused total outrage on Twitter.

On Sept. 9, as millions of Floridians prepared for the storm to touch down in their state, Harlow took to Twitter to show off a rainbow eye shadow look inspired by satellite images of Irma. She captioned the picture with, "Remember in the eye of the storm, God remains in control." The post garnered over 800 retweets and has captivated a large audience on Twitter — but probably not in the way Harlow hoped it would.

Remember in the eye of the storm, God remains in control.

— Kali Harlow + (@KalElizabeth29) September 9, 2017

People on Twitter immediately responded, but instead of praising Harlow's talent, they called her out for what they perceived as insensitivity. As one user put it, "You may have had good intentions, but why would you think a makeup look about a hurricane that could kill hundreds of people would be a good idea?" Harlow later responded insisting that it was her way of "trying to find hope in the situation."

But many were quick to point out that Harlow tagged the brands she used to create the look, which included NYX, Morphe, Too Faced, Tarte, and Benefit. Since bloggers often include a beauty breakdown in hopes of one of the labels retweeting their picture on social media, many assumed that Harlow was attempting to gain widespread attention. Critics accused Harlow of trying to use the deadly natural disaster for her own advantage.

Despite the massive backlash and subsequent apology, Harlow has yet to take down the post. Many are calling for her to delete it, if only for the sake of professionalism. "Save your future in the industry," suggested one Twitter user. "Think of what brands that you tagged will think of this."

Harlow responded by saying that since people have taken screenshots of the look that have been put on Instagram, there's no point in taking her post down. It's already out there — so the debate will continue.

Read on to see Twitter's response to Harlow's "Hurricane Irma Makeup." And to anyone who may be thinking of jumping on this "trend" — just don't. No matter how creative you may be, making light of a natural disaster is never a cute look.