The Cutest Insect Tattoos You've Ever Seen

For some people, spotting anything with six legs causes panic peppered with screams of horror, but for others, insects are viewed as beautiful creatures worthy of being tattooed on the body. If you fall into the latter group, you probably find bug tattoos to be quite the opposite of gross. Ants, beetles, spiders (we know, they're technically arachnids, but humor us), and even moths can be chic when transformed into intricate, tiny tattoos.

A bug tattoo done well can make you truly appreciate the tiny animals. Observing an insect tattoo up close will have you notice details you would have never spotted while swatting the bug away from your face. The meticulous fuzz on a bee, a butterfly's patterned wings, and even a fly's eyes all make for hyperrealistic tattoos. There are countless ways to spice up your bug tattoo, with the most obvious being flowers, vines, and other types of foliage. However, if you want to get a little more creative, you can try stars, hearts, and even geometric lines to make your insect tattoo stand out from the rest.

From moths and bees to flies and ants, we rounded up a variety of tattoos of insects. Whether you need inspiration to help you choose an animal or maybe just need clarification on the placement of your new tattoo, take a look at the bug tattoos ahead. We promise this list goes way beyond the basic butterfly and dragonfly designs you've seen a million times.


Insect Tattoos: Butterfly Tattoo

Small, delicate butterflies are amazing to get tattooed near numeral tattoos commemorating important dates.


Insect Tattoos: Dragonfly Tattoo

This delicate, fine-line dragonfly is adorned with vines and a magical halo.


Insect Tattoos: Bee Tattoo

While we love black-ink tattoos, including a bee's signature yellow stripes adds some personality to your design.


Insect Tattoos: Ladybug Tattoo

This adorable ladybug looks good in color or black ink — it's your choice.


Insect Tattoos: Firefly Tattoo

This lightning bug tattoo features three glowing insects in a jar.


Insect Tattoos: Beetle Tattoo

A beetle tattoo like this one is perfect for insect-lovers.


Insect Tattoos: Fly Tattoo

Small stars adorn this adorable fly tattoo.


Insect Tattoos: Vibrant Moth Tattoo

The wings of this moth are shaded with vibrant orange to make it pop.


Insect Tattoos: Luna Moth Tattoo

Luna moths are stunning insects to get tattooed.


Insect Tattoos: Ladybug Tattoo

This ladybug has hearts on the wings instead of spots for a fun twist.


Insect Tattoos: Cricket Tattoo

When you think of insect tattoos, butterflies and ladybugs instantly come to mind, but a cricket is just as cute but way more unique.


Insect Tattoos: Bee Tattoo

This detailed bee tattoo includes little stars with black and white ink.


Insect Tattoos: Bee Tattoo

This super-realistic bee appears to be framed in this striking tattoo.


Insect Tattoos: Ant Tattoo

Ants are the perfect addition to your tattoo collection, especially if you already have a sleeve.


Insect Tattoos: Moth Tattoo

This tattoo features a moth with lovely detailing and shading on the wings.


Insect Tattoos: Butterfly Tattoo

This cool butterfly tattoo conveys movement with the wings.


Insect Tattoos: Wasp Tattoo

This insect tattoo features a realistic wasp.


Insect Tattoos: Luna Moth

This beautiful tattoo features a luna moth with detailing on the wings, including the colors for the transgender flag.


Insect Tattoos: Red Dragonfly Tattoo

This dragonfly tattoo is tattooed in red ink, making it unique.


Insect Tattoos: Butterfly Tattoo

A rose that's on fire is placed above this dramatic yet subtle butterfly tattoo.


Insect Tattoos: Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos can look incredibly elegant.


Insect Tattoos: Cicada Tattoo

Trippy patterns decorate the cicada's wings in this bug tattoo.


Insect Tattoos: Butterfly Wings Tattoo

These wings with a star in the middle make for a creative butterfly tattoo.


Insect Tattoos: Bee Tattoo

If you're looking for a small, elegant insect tattoo, consider a tiny bee design like this one.


Insect Tattoos: Fly Tattoo

This insect tattoo features a hyperrealistic fly.