I Threw My Expensive Blow Dryer in the Trash After Using This One

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Expensive is always better, right? While a number of splurge-worthy items are totally worth it, it's not that way for everything. Especially when it comes to hair care.

Last Christmas I was gifted a "fancy" hair dryer that I thought would be life-changing. I don't have particularly fussy hair, so it worked just fine, but I wasn't impressed. I started to find that every time I blow-dried my hair somewhere else (at a hotel or friend's house), it looked and felt so much better. One of the times I used this Ion Magnesium Blow Dryer ($80), and when I discovered the price, I immediately bought it.

Almost instantly I forgot about my other hair dryer. I have superthin, fine, and oily hair that I wash daily. I need something that is high-powered and quick-drying for my always-running-late morning routine. This one surpassed my expectations. My drying time was almost cut in half, and my hair always feels soft after, no matter what.

The 1,800-watt dryer features three heat settings and two speeds. It's made with magnesium, which is a natural element that gets hotter even faster at a safe temperature that won't damage your hair.

If you're in the market for a new blow dryer, don't get something too cheap or too expensive. This one is the perfect price for its long-lasting and impressive quality.