The #DMXChallenge Was Already Amazing, and Then Jada Pinkett Smith Joined the Fun

Since the #DMXChallenge took the internet by storm earlier this month, just about everyone has taken a moment to join in on the fun. That includes Jada Pinkett Smith, who, never one to be left out of a viral trend, hopped on the bandwagon on Wednesday to show off her version — and, uh, it looks like we have a pretty clear winner here.

The #DMXChallenge sees black women making compilation videos of them donning dozens of unique hairstyles to the tune of rapper DMX's "roll call" on his 1999 single "What These B*tches Want." In Smith's video, the Red Table Talk host used a combination of looks she's tried out in real life over the years as well as those she's sported in several of her film and television roles. She included the famous braided bob she wore as Stony in Set It Off (as well as the wig that she and her onscreen sidekicks wore when they were robbing banks) and even threw in a funny nod to her character, Gloria, in Madagascar.

To see all of the looks, check out Smith's full challenge above.