Mourn No More, Friends — We Can Confirm That Jason Momoa Is Growing His Beard Back

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Jason Momoa threw an emotional curve ball most of us weren't ready for when he decided to shave his beard off last month for the first time in seven years. But it was all for a great cause.

When the Aquaman actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it wasn't long (two minutes to be precise) before the most important matter of business was discussed. As DeGeneres accurately explained, Momoa indeed sent "shock waves around the world" when he shaved his beard, and although we mourned the loss during this historical moment, the good news is he is officially growing it back. Momoa also explained that he had tried to come on the show to get Ellen to shave the beard for him, but his busy schedule meant he had to do it quickly before a new job started.

While we anxiously wait for his iconic beard to appear into our lives again, let's be overjoyed that Momoa's pink scrunchie is certainly here to stay. Oh, and he also threw axes all in the name of charity on the show, because there's nothing he can't do. You're welcome.