Jeffree Star Says the GlamGlow Glitter Mask Is Perfect For "Sparkle Whores"

Holidays are for being merry and bright — a fact that beauty brands have seemingly taken very literally this year. From Too Faced's upcoming Glow Job Mask to Joyce Bonelli's impending bedazzled one, skin care is getting a shiny upgrade everywhere you look. One such offering is GlamGlow's Glitter Peel-Off Mask, an upcoming release Jeffree Star just reviewed.

Along with boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, Jeffree got a sneak peek at the shimmering mask, perhaps because he is a self-described "sparkle whore." His journey with the item can only be described as a magical space odyssey, so come and join us for it, why don't you?

Despite our excitement, the Glitter Mask frenzy led to more than one think piece on the safety of such products. Jeffree addressed the controversy by saying that "the glitter used in this mask is cosmetic, face-grade makeup. [It's like] the glitter you would put on your eyes [or] anything like that. It's very safe for the skin."

While emitting sparkle rays from your face may sound like a religious experience, in reality Jeffree said that the actual ritual will feel a lot like what you're used to with peel-off masks. That's because "the glitter is encapsulated in a gel, [so] you're not going to feel it. It's just going to look really cool for selfies and Instagram."

Jeffree described the initial feeling as "cooling."

When Jeffree shone a flashlight over the mask, he said the twinkling celestial effect served "holographic realness." And really, what more do we want out of life?


The pair set a timer for 35 minutes to let the mask do its thing.

Jeffree said his skin felt "tightened and relaxed" as a result.

The final, intact result truly is a thing of beauty. For the sake of the environment (and a clean bathroom), Jeffree urged us to dispose of the Glitter Mask accordingly. "Don't flush it down the toilet, throw it in the sink. Peel it off, wave it around, and throw it in the trash."

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The GlamGlow Glitter Mask ($69) will be available on Dec. 13 at Sephora at on GlamGlow's site. Until then, you can just rewatch the shimmering skin care in all of its glory right here.