A Closer Look at Justin Bieber's 70+ Tattoo Collection

Jun 2 2023 - 6:25am

Justin Bieber's appreciation for tattoos is no secret — the pop star boasts an impressive ink collection featuring more than 70 designs. The "Peaches" singer first started acquiring a taste for tattoos when he was 16, having gotten a small seagull design as part of a sweet family tradition, and he hasn't looked back ever since. "Over a hundred hours of artwork on my body and I wouldn't take back a single one," Bieber wrote in an April 2018 Instagram post [1], proudly flaunting his extensive body art.

Bieber's front upper body and arms are almost entirely covered in tattoos, forming full sleeves, which resulted in hours of work to temporarily cover them for his 2021 "Anyone" music video [2]. But despite being all about body art now, the Canadian native wasn't always this confident with the decision. Bieber revealed during an interview [3] that he first tested the waters by opting to get easily hidden tattoos [4], such as his Jesus portrait on his left calf, which, thanks to its placement position, wasn't immediately on the public radar.

Given the record-breaking number of designs he has scattered across his body, many fans are surprised to learn Bieber has left most of his back untouched — barring two shoulder blade tattoos — for a very sweet reason. When host Ellen DeGeneres asked [5] him about it, the singer adorably revealed that he's saving the space for his future children with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

While the artist keeps expanding his ever-evolving ink collection, and it would be nearly impossible to track down every single one, we've rounded up almost all of his tattoos in this comprehensive guide. From pieces that represent his devotion to Christianity and matching couple tattoos with Hailey [6] to designs dedicated to his love for music, read on for a detailed breakdown of Bieber's tattoos, and learn what each one means.

Justin Bieber’s Tiny Cross Face Tattoo

In 2017, Bieber debuted his first face tattoo — a tiny cross next to his left eye. The singer likely chose this piece to honor his religious beliefs.

Justin Bieber’s “Grace” Face Tattoo

Heading into 2019, Bieber unveiled another face tattoo, manifesting good vibes into the new year. Done by JonBoy, the delicate ink reading "Grace" in cursive handwriting is placed directly above the side of his right eyebrow.

Justin Bieber’s Peach Neck Tattoo

To celebrate the success of his single "Peaches," Bieber got a tiny single-needle peach illustration on the left side of his neck in March 2021.

Justin Bieber’s Rose Neck Tattoo

In September 2020, Bieber paid Dr. Woo another visit to get a black-and-gray intricate rose tattoo inked on the left front side of his neck. The "Baby" singer shared with Vogue [7] that the ink reflects on his tumultuous journey in the public eye, stating that it's a reminder "that even though I'm flawed, beauty shines even through our rough edges."

Justin Bieber’s Laurel Wreath Neck Tattoo

Bieber has a laurel wreath inked around his neck, which he got in 2020. Though the singer's inspiration behind the tattoo isn't known, a connected laurel string garland symbolizes a victorious moment, as per Greek mythology.

Justin Bieber’s Hummingbird Neck Tattoo

On the left side of Bieber's neck, a single-needle hummingbird in flight can be seen, which was done by Dr. Woo in December 2019. "It's a reminder to use the gifts God has given me and give it all I have—to fly above all of the bullshit," said [8] the singer, revealing the meaning behind the piece.

Justin Bieber’s “Patience” Neck Tattoo

Bieber got the word "Patience" tattooed on the left side of his neck in 2014. The piece runs vertically down towards his collarbone and features all small letters in Gothic-style font.

Justin Bieber’s “Forever” Neck Tattoo

In December 2019, Dr. Woo gave the world a first look at Bieber's newly minted "Forever" neck tattoo, which appears to be a part of the complementary couple ink with his wife, Hailey. Also inked by Dr. Woo in September 2019, Hailey got the word "Lover" [9] on her lower neck. While the latter is in a smaller soft script, the "Sorry" singer opted for a slightly larger cursive font for his piece.

Justin Bieber’s Angle Wings Nape Tattoo

A pair of intricately drawn angel wings can be seen on the back of Bieber's neck.

Justin Bieber’s Treble Clef Behind-the-Ear Tattoo

Behind his left ear, Bieber has a tiny treble clef symbol, which represents his love for music.

Justin Bieber’s Left Arm Tattoos

Justin Bieber's "Believe" Arm Tattoo

In 2012, Bieber got his album's title, "Believe," inked on the inside of his left forearm. It features a black-and-gray ombré inking inside the letters, with all being capital letters, except for the small "I."

Justin Bieber's Mom's Eye Tattoo

On the inside of his left elbow crease, Bieber got an intricate tattoo of one of his mother's eyes [10], which he says "means a lot" [11] to him.

Justin Bieber's Owl Tattoo

The singer got an owl on his left forearm [12], which, according to Bieber, "signifies wisdom." [13]

Justin Bieber's Koi Fish Tattoo

On his left forearm, there's a black-and-gray koi fish ink, symbolizing resilience and strength, as per Japanese folklore.

Justin Bieber's "X" Tattoo

A bold Greek symbol for X [14] (aka Chi) is tattooed on Bieber's left forearm. "X means unknown," he told GQ [15], adding, "They maybe know the shell of me or might know the artist, but not necessarily me."

Justin Bieber's Tiger Arm Tattoo

A ferocious-looking tiger cub is tattooed on Bieber's left bicep, baring its teeth. It traditionally represents strength and innocence, both intertwined in one.

Justin Bieber's Angel Wing Tattoo

Situated right next to the tiger tattoo, Bieber has a single angelic wing that sits on the inside of his left bicep.

Justin Bieber's Selena Gomez [16] Portrait Tattoo

When speaking with GQ in 2016 [17], Bieber shared that the angelic woman tattooed on his left forearm is the portrait of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez [18]. "This is my ex-girlfriend," he said while referencing the ink. "So I kinda tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know."

Justin Bieber's Knight With a Sword Tattoo

On the inside of his left forearm, the singer has a tattoo of an armored, crown-wearing knight standing with his sword. This piece likely speaks to Bieber due to the courage and loyalty of the soldier.

Justin Bieber's Castle Tattoo

A castle is tattooed on Bieber's left forearm, next to the knight ink. The historic building appears to be surrounded by clouds of smoke or waves. Considering their adjacent position, the ink appears to be an extension of the warrior design and likely signifies power and royalty.

Justin Bieber's Bleeding Globe Tattoo

An eye-catching tattoo is positioned directly above his left wrist, which consists of a bleeding earth crucified to a cross wearing a crown of thorns, much like Jesus. This ink is probably Bieber's way of conveying that his faith in Christianity means the world to him.

Justin Bieber's Eagle Arm Tattoo

The singer has another eagle ink at the top of his left shoulder, which he got in 2015. The eagle in black-and-gray ink can be seen in flight, spreading its talons out, surrounded by smoky clouds.

Justin Bieber's Cross Tattoos

Next to the eagle tattoo on his left upper arm, two small 3D crosses are also inked.

Justin Bieber's Compass Tattoo

On his left tricep, Bieber has a huge compass tattoo — a symbol of guidance and finding the right direction when surrounded by uncertainty.

Justin Bieber's "LL" Tattoo

Bieber added another meaningful tattoo to his collection in 2015 with the letters "LL" on his inner left upper arm. According to the singer, the abbreviation stands for lifting your head up when it's low. He shared [19] it's a reminder to "never keep your head low and always look for the better days."

Justin Bieber's Star Tattoo

On the inside of his left elbow and to the left of his mom's eye, Bieber got a star tattoo. The ink features a star outline enclosed with a solid black circle, with several light rays emerging out of its center.

Justin Bieber's Rose Arm Tattoo

Bieber completed his full sleeve by filling the bare skin with a massive rose tattoo on his left forearm. The detailed flower petals, [20] placed directly above the owl tattoo, appear in full bloom and are done in black ink.

Justin Bieber’s Right Arm Tattoos

Justin Bieber's Japanese Arm Tattoo

The inside of Bieber's right forearm bears a Japanese Kanji character for music, representing his musical passion, which he got in 2012.

Justin Bieber's Jester Tattoo

A jester's face, complete with his cap with bells, is inked on the inside of Bieber's right forearm.

Justin Bieber's Peace Sign Tattoo

A cartoon hand throwing a peace sign is inked on Bieber's right forearm, near the jester tattoo.

Justin Bieber's "Love" Arm Tattoo

Placed to the right of the jester drawing, Bieber has the word "Love" inked vertically in Gothic calligraphy.

Justin Bieber's Banksy's Balloon Girl Tattoo

In 2014, Bieber paid homage to graffiti artist Banksy's popular balloon girl mural by getting a replica of the art inked on his right forearm. The red-inked heart-shaped balloon drifting in the air also features two crosses as eyes and a small line forming its mouth.

Justin Bieber's Diamond Wrist Tattoo

Bieber has a symmetrical diamond outline inked on the outer side of his right wrist. Though what inspired the singer to get this tattoo remains unknown, diamond ink generally represents loyalty, love, and protection against evil.

Justin Bieber's Star Arm Tattoo

A star emoji outline is inked on Bieber's right forearm above the diamond design, with two small X's for its eyes and a slightly sad expression.

Justin Bieber's Cartoon Fish Tattoo

Directly above the star emoji, he has a round cartoon fish smiling with animated eyes inked on his right forearm.

Justin Bieber's Leaf Tattoo

A sole, black-inked leaf is tattooed near Bieber's right elbow, above the heart-shaped balloon.

Justin Bieber's Cherub Angel Tattoo

Above the heart emoji, Bieber got a cherub angel tattooed on his right forearm in 2014. This motif conveys hope, innocence, and love.

Justin Bieber's "G" Tattoo

To show support to his friend, Chad Veach's daughter named Georgia, [21] who has a rare brain condition called Lissencephaly, Bieber got the letter "G" [22] inscribed on the inside of his right forearm, near his elbow. Hailey also honored Georgia by getting a lowercase cursive "g" behind her left ear.

Justin Bieber's Hashtag Tattoos

Two hashtag outlines also appear before Bieber's "G" inking.

Justin Bieber's Angel Holding a Clock Tattoo

On Bieber's top right shoulder, a tattoo of an angel holding a clock can be seen. This ink might be another nod to his spiritual beliefs as well as the preciousness of the fleeting nature of time.

Justin Bieber's "Make 'Em Pay" Tattoo

In 2018, Bieber added another tattoo to his right full sleeve. He got two intersecting pistols inked on his inner right bicep, with "Make Em Pay [23]" written beneath it.

Justin Bieber's Rose Tattoos

Bieber decorated the remaining spots on his right arm with two massive roses — one on his elbow and the other on his outer bicep.

Justin Bieber's Korean Mask Tattoo

A smiling Korean Hahoetal mask can be seen on Bieber's inner right forearm, with the singer's name spelled out in Hangul, "비버" beneath the traditional Korean mask. He got the set of tattoos in 2014.

Justin Bieber's Boombox Tattoo

An old-school boombox is tattooed on Bieber's inner right forearm with musical notes surrounding the music system.

Justin Bieber's "Trust" Tattoo

"Trust" is inked on Bieber's inner right forearm, placed horizontally parallel to the elbow crease.

Justin Bieber's Magic 8 Ball Tattoo

A black-inked Magic 8 ball can be found on Bieber's right forearm.

Justin Bieber's Super Mario Ghost Tattoo

The cartoon ghost that frequently appears in the "Super Mario" video game, Boo, is also inked on Bieber's right forearm, below his elbow and right next to the cherub angel tattoo.

Justin Bieber's Black Spade Tattoo

A small black-colored spades suit symbol is tattooed on Bieber's right arm, close to the wrist.

Justin Bieber’s Chest Tattoos

Justin Bieber's Crown Chest Tattoo

In 2012, Bieber got a small crown tattooed [24]below his left collarbone. Though the singer has yet to disclose the inspiration behind this piece of ink, many fans believe it was a tribute to Michael Jackson [25], popularly known as the "King of Pop."

Justin Bieber's Cross Chest Tattoo

In keeping with his religious body art, there's a huge cross [26] in the middle of Bieber's chest. The outline of the cross sits on his sternum and echoes his Christianity. "The cross in the middle of my chest is a symbol of my faith and a reminder of what Jesus endured to rectify all that was broken," shared Bieber with Vogue in 2021 [27].

Justin Bieber's Roman Numeral Chest Tattoo

Bieber dedicated a sweet ink [28] to her mother, Patricia Mallette, by getting her year of birth inked on his chest in Roman numerals. The piece is positioned below his right collarbone and reads: "I IX VII V," which stands for 1975.

Justin Bieber's Chinese Chest Tattoo

The singer got a Chinese word inked on his left peck, which roughly translates to "follow your heart." Although, soon after getting the ink, fans pointed out [29] that the spacing (or the lack thereof) between the two characters might have rendered the tattoo with a whole other meaning. The singer probably took the faux pas into account when he later covered the piece up with the lion ink.

Justin Bieber's Lion Chest Tattoo

In March 2017, during a break amidst his "Purpose" world tour, Bieber stopped by Bang Bang's tattoo parlor in NYC to get a lion portrait on the left side of his chest. "Lion heart," [30] the tattooist captioned his Instagram post, debuting Bieber's fresh ink at the time, possibly conveying the tattoo's meaning. Bieber also opened up about the symbolism behind the tattoo in a 2021 Vogue story. "The lion I got done by the tattoo artist Bang Bang, and it represents having a heart of a lion," he said, adding, "'Being bold, courageous, strong!'"

Justin Bieber's Bear Chest Tattoo

In 2017, Bieber added another of his spirit animals, a hyper-realistic grizzly growling bear face [31], to his massive ink collection. Done by Bang Bang, the piece sits on his right peck and is a reminder for the singer to slow down and take much-needed breaks now and then. "The bear, which I got in New Zealand, represents rest," Bieber told Vogue [32] in a March 2021 interview. "As tough and resilient as a bear is, it always hibernates, which is so important. We as humans go, go, and go without resting, and it can leave us exhausted and drained."

Justin Bieber’s Torso Tattoos

Justin Bieber's Seagull Hip Tattoo

As his first-ever tattoo, Bieber got a small seagull outline on his left hip. "It's based on this book that my whole family read," he explained to GQ [33] in February 2016. "I wanted to make sure it wasn't visible. It's basically about this seagull who wanted to be more than just a seagull."

Justin Bieber's "Yeshua" Tattoo

Bieber got matching tattoos with his dad, Jeremy, [34] that say "Yeshua" on their ribcages in May 2013. Yeshua is the Hebrew word for Jesus.

Justin Bieber's "Purpose" Torso Tattoo

The singer got the word "Purpose" inked [35] above his belly button in October 2015 to celebrate the release of his fourth studio album.

Justin Bieber's "Son of God" Tattoo

In 2016, Bieber added a script tattoo on his upper abdominal area that reads: "Son of God" in bold letters. The arched piece, placed directly above his "Purpose" ink, holds religious significance to the singer.

Justin Bieber's Eagle Torso Tattoo

Placed right between his "Son of God" and "Purpose" pieces, there's a golden eagle tattoo inked in black-and-gray on Bieber's torso, extending its wings open across the width of his stomach.

Justin Bieber's "Forgive" Tattoo

Above his right hip, Bieber has the word "Forgive" inked in a slightly downward titling fashion, also tattooed by Bang Bang [36] in 2014.

Justin Bieber's Angels and Demons Tattoos

In late 2017, Bieber enlisted his buddy and tattooist Bang Bang to finish inking the rest of his torso [37]. During the three-day-long session, the singer added two angels on each side of his abdomen and two demons beneath them.

Speaking with E! News [38] in an October 2017 interview, Bang Bang opened up about the inspiration behind choosing these contrasting religious visuals. "It's symbolic of Gothic art and the struggle between the light and dark, the good and the evil, Yin and Yang. I wanted to make sure we had contrast in subject matter and imagery. The thing that made the most sense to me was a tattoo describing his spirituality," he said of the design.

Justin Bieber's Skeleton and Microphone Tattoo

During the same tattooing session, Bieber also had Bang Bang ink a skeleton on the lower left side of his stomach. Instead of the bones in its rib cage, there's a microphone making up the skeleton's upper body, likely a nod to his musical passion.

Justin Bieber's Snake Tattoo

There's a serpentine ink on Bieber's lower right torso, on the opposite side of the skeleton.

Justin Bieber's Filigree Tattoo

A filigree design can be seen on his lower torso, around his belly button.

Justin Bieber’s “Better at 70” Knee Tattoo

The singer unveiled his "Better at 70" ink above his left kneecap in a June 2017 Instagram post and shared the meaning behind the design alongside the first look. "I look back at a lot of things in my life, mistakes, insecurities, and although I have felt I've wasted a lot of time it also makes me want to be better faster! For me personally I want to work everyday to be BETTER AT 70," he explained [39] in the caption.

Justin Bieber’s Jesus Portrait Leg Tattoo

In 2012, the "Intentions" singer got a portrait of Jesus wearing a thorny crown on his left calf to express his Christian faith. "I didn't have any big tattoos, so I didn't want to put it somewhere and have it visible yet because the world didn't know I was getting tattoos; I was only like 17," he said to GQ [40], explaining the reason behind the placement of this piece.

Justin Bieber’s Praying Hands Leg Tattoo

Bieber added a detailed pair of praying hands on his leg shorty after getting the Jesus portrait. He later added roses below the design in black ink.

Justin Bieber’s Back Tattoos

Justin Bieber's Stratford Cullitons Back Tattoo

In 2013, Bieber debuted his back tattoo on Instagram, which pays homage to his grandfather. The ink is located on his left shoulder blade and features a portrait of the mascot of the ice hockey team, Stratford Cullitons. "My grandfather always took me to the Stratford Culliton every Friday night," he captioned the image [41]. "This is for u Grampa."

Justin Bieber's Bible Verse Back Tattoo

Bieber's longest script tattoo to date features an entire Bible verse. Inked on his left shoulder blade, the verse, taken from Psalm 119:105, reads, "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path / Psalm 119:105" in cursive calligraphy.

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