Kat Von D Is Releasing a Mini Metal Crush Palette, and It's Holo-fricking-Graphic

We all want glitter eye shadow this holiday season, but leave it to Kat Von D to think outside the box and release a matte option that doesn't need to be all shimmer to be fully fabulous. Friends, family, and shadow addicts, lend me your ears (and eyes): the brand is releasing a Metal Matte II Palette. And if that wasn't enough, there's also a mini, travel-size Metal Crush bundle coming soon, too.

It all started on Kat Von D Beauty's Instagram. The brand revealed that its founder is "currently working" on a successor to the crazy-popular, limited edition Metal Matte Palette of 2016 (pictured ahead). That epic offering included 21 powder shades. While the majority where matte, nine were shimmer options, and all were crazy pigmented. The bundle retailed for $60 and sold out in the blink of a (perfect, smoky) eye.

While we patiently wait for this palette to drop (the brand offered no release date and implied that Metal Matte II might not come for a while), Kat will also bless us with a mini Metal Crush Palette. We don't have a peek inside just yet, but Kat did #bless us all with a shot of the palette's packaging — and no big deal or anything, but it's holographic and rose gold.

Again, the brand was mum about timing; the Instagram's caption promised we'd get specifics like a launch date in a subsequent post. As we frantically refresh Kat's feed to get a glimpse of more information, we're going to start rethinking the whole "metallics for holiday" thing. Matte-lovers of the world, rejoice!