Kat Von D's Bewitching Vampira Tattoo Is All Attitude

There's a reason Kat Von D has several beauty products named Vampira — she's obsessed with the bewitching horror icon. In case you didn't know, Vampira was the seductive character created by Maila Nurmi in the 1950s after the actress got inspired by early Addams Family cartoons. As a result of her fascination with the character, Kat Von D has designed several Vampira tattoos through the years.

Just in time for Halloween, the artist and mogul tattooed Vampira yet again, this time on the drag performer who goes by Louisianna Purchase. Along with her Instagram picture of the finished work, Kat wrote, "Definitely wasn't bummed to stare at this face for a few hours." Ahead, check out the badass tattoo, as well as a few other spooky ones Kat has done in the past.