Kate Middleton Raided Her Mom's Gift Decoration Box For Her Hair, and We Love It

There aren't many times Kate Middleton has stepped out and we haven't had hair envy — after all, she's got more best hair moments than we can keep up with. But on Wednesday, she might have topped all of those moments by giving us serious holiday hair inspiration. The duchess wore her hair in a ponytail with voluminous waves and a velvet black bow.

The mom-of-three generally likes to keep her style and beauty simple to adhere to royal protocol. She follows Princess Diana's process and gets very minor haircuts, which Meghan Markle has started doing, too, and you'll never see her with anything but a neutral nail polish color. However, she uses accessories to embellish and even transform her looks. For this occasion, it looks like she's dug into her holiday decoration box and pulled out one of the buzziest trends. It also looks like she and Meghan Markle might have taken tips from each other, with the Duchess of Sussex sporting a no-fuss pony on the same day.

Ahead, see every angle of her ponytail, and get ready to bookmark these photos for inspiration for your holiday parties.