Is That a New KKW Beauty Brush We See in Kim Kardashian's Instagram Story?!

While "relatable" might not be the first word you think of when you picture Kim Kardashian, her latest Instagram story might just change your mind. Like you, Kim hoards makeup — tons and tons of makeup. The beauty mogul was kind enough to share with us exactly what she keeps in her vanity in a photo captioned, "When did I become this person ?!?"

If her recent video with Jaclyn Hill is any indication, baby, she was born this way. During that sit-down, Kim revealed to Jaclyn that she grew up obsessed with makeup. "When Kourtney and I discovered concealer, we had it all over our faces. We looked so crazy," she admitted.

We were so excited to see this snap that we went crazy, too. We immediately halted everything and conferred on exactly what goods are in Kim's stash.

We spotted lots of Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty, of course. Then, we found a Reddit thread that suggested something very interesting: user alurchop noticed that the pic contains the KKW Beauty Contour Brush we know and love, but then there's something else. At first glance it's just another KKW Beauty brush, but then you notice the two heads are different.

What does this mean?! Did Kim just leak her new brush, or did she only switch out the heads on us? While we wait for the answers we desperately need, we took some time to identify products in her beauty collection. Behold, everything we think we see in Kim's vanity.

— Additional reporting by Kristina Rodulfo and Sarah Siegel

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