Kim Kardashian's Latest Social Media Idea May Mean Heavy Makeup Is "Out"

Kim Kardashian just made Tuesdays a lot more exciting. The reality star shared via Snapchat that she's starting a social media trend, dubbed #NMT (re: No Makeup Tuesdays). So after you complete #MeatlessMonday meal and #ManicureMonday "nailfie" on Instagram, you can join the fun by sharing your #NMT mug shot.

This is headline-making since Kim is known to wear pounds of makeup daily that includes techniques like contouring, strobing, and baking. She seems to permanently have false lashes on and rocks filled-in brows. Seeing Kim without all of the face-painting fuss feels, well, refreshing.

Yes, the Kardashians do like to occasionally share no-makeup selfies, but doing this every Tuesday is not the norm for a product queen like Kim. That said, we are so on board! Leaving the house with a layer of moisturizer, SPF, and perhaps a bit of mascara (because we aren't ready to give it all up just yet) is perfect for lazy Summer days. Plus, it feels modern since non-touring and baby faces are picking up steam as hot red carpet looks. Learn how to prep your skin to look gorgeous for #NMT here.