Kim Kardashian's Latest Manicure Is So Meta

Fans of Kim Kardashian's kimoji and nail art, prepare to feel inspired. Britney Tokyo, a nail artist based in LA, crafted the perfect manicure for Mrs. West, and to be honest, we can't believe the star hasn't worn this manicure sooner. That's right: Kim got kimoji painted on her nails, and they look amazing.

We have to applaud Britney's stunning attention to detail. The real feat is each of Kim's nail self-portraits. Britney also posted a video slideshow of her painting Kim's nails, and the reality star certainly appears pleased with the result.

If you're not nearly as skilled with a brush and paint, you can still achieve kimoji nails! There is a store on Etsy that sells handpainted, press-on nails featuring the theme, and they appear as detailed as Kim's. Wear them with your favorite Balmain outfit or a pair of Yeezys to complete the look.