Kris Jenner and Her New Platinum Hair Just Inspired 2017's Best Meme

A week before Halloween, Kris Jenner took a break from her busy schedule to break the internet with quite possibly the best reaction meme we've seen this year. On Oct. 23, Kim Kardashian shared a picture of her mom reclined on a sofa — martini in hand — while wearing a floral suit, a fur stole, and brick-red accessories. Oh, and she's wearing a platinum blond wig. "Caption this," Kim wrote.

The over-the-top image is particularly shocking because it's the first time Kris has been seen without her signature black hair. It's funny because the platinum wig closely resembles Kim's icy new color and Kris has been criticized for copying her daughter in the past.

Alas, it is indeed just a wig: Kris was photographed out that same evening in New York City with her usual hair color. This singular, already iconic picture, however, provides all of the meme and Halloween costume inspiration we need.