Twitter Users Are Accusing Kylie Jenner of Copying a Vlogger's Palette

Despite the popularity of Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits, the makeup mogul has gotten her fair share of criticism for the quality and authenticity of her products. Kylie has been previously called out by Jeffree Star for mailing consumers products with faulty packaging. Her cosmetics line recently was given an "F" grade by the Better Business Bureau (that has since been dropped). Makeup-lovers have long compared her liquid lip formulas to those of ColourPop Cosmetics. And now, the recently launched Kyshadow palette is being slammed by Twitter users for looking strikingly similar to an eye shadow set created by beauty vlogger Shaaanxo.

Shannon tweeted out a side-by-side image of her BH Cosmetics palette next to Kylie's, ambiguously accompanied with the frog and coffee emoji (a possible reference to the "Kermit sipping tea" meme). Immediately, Twitter users began to compare the two palettes. Some argued that Kyshadow is a dupe, while others came to Kylie's defense, arguing that bronze eye shadow palettes often share similarities.

After the theories began to brew, Shannon told her followers that she didn't mean to accuse Kylie of copying, she just thought it was fun to point out the similarities. Shannon also added that she'll remain a Kylie Cosmetics fan and plans to purchase the Kyshadow palette.

While it's likely that we'll never know Kylie's inspiration for the palette, you can take a look to decide for yourself. Read on to check out the side-by-side and see what other Twitter users had to say about the two products.

@coliverrise @xoShaaan it's not about the colors, look at that packaging Ky should've had some 💣package. She should've signed her name too🖕🏼

— ✰ღKayla~Tommy✰ღ (@Bartlett8284) July 25, 2016

@xoShaaan Hi Shan💖 i think the colors do look so similar and even the packaging is so the same 😜 Everyone can tell that 😙

— linhmuzikantova (@LinhMuzikantova) July 27, 2016

@xoShaaan don't act like you invented those colours boo. There's tonnes of pallets exactly like yours.

— Ciará Kardashian (@CiaraKardashx) July 25, 2016

@xoShaaan a lot of bronze palettes are like this lol what? You didn't invent this concept chill fam 😂

— jerky (@av0nselfies) July 25, 2016

I never once said "Kylie copied me" ➡️ I made a joke bc they look similar lol come on! 💸 yes, like lots of palettes do! No beef here guys

— Shaaanxo (@xoShaaan) July 26, 2016

Everyone else was saying it and I found it funny too. Yes I should have used a different caption 😂

— Shaaanxo (@xoShaaan) July 26, 2016

Let's be honest I'm gonna buy the Kylie eyeshadows 😂

— Shaaanxo (@xoShaaan) July 25, 2016