Kylie Jenner's Biggest Fan Got Another Tattoo — This Time Honoring Her Glosses

One really dedicated Kylie Jenner fan — her biggest, perhaps — has added to his collection of Lip Kit-inspired tattoos, this time honoring the new line of glosses. The fresh ink is a little simpler than his previous ones, and instead just lists the names of the three glosses: Like, Literally, and So Cute.

While the bold tribute is garnering a lot of attention, the superfan, Johnny Cyrus, also made a slight change to his previous tattoo of the Kylie Cosmetics packaging artwork by adding in Kylie's signature beneath it.

Not so surprisingly, Cyrus actually met Kylie at a press event earlier this year and snagged a selfie with her. With his devotion going strong, we have to wonder if he will continue to honor any future products Kylie releases . . . but we all probably already know the answer to that.