Kylie Jenner's Biggest Fan Flaunts His Love With ENORMOUS Lip Kit Tattoo

Sure, you're a huge fan of Kylie Jenner, but how far would you go to prove you're her biggest fan? You've already purchased her controversial Lip Kit, you tried plumping your pout like hers, and you've even rocked rainbow hair to get her look. But would you get a huge Kylie-themed tattoo?

That's exactly what superfan Johnny Cyrus did: after snagging his Candy K lip kit, he was inspired to pay homage to it by permanently decorating his arm with the packaging's artwork. He documented the entire process on his Instagram account, from conception to finished product. You may have noticed that the pigment on the tattoo isn't an exact match to Candy K, but is more of a red hue. "It was too close to my skin color and I wouldn't be able to see it," Cyrus explained.

This isn't his first Kylie-related tattoo — he also has a large "K" topped with a crown inked on his wrist. His Instagram profile declares that "Kylie Jenner is [his] religion" and he frequently wears a shirt that says "Kylie Is My Fave."

Cyrus seems to be dealing with a lot of rude comments regarding his ink, with many Instagram users saying the tattoo artist did a poor job. But he's unbothered by the haters, and slammed them on an Instagram post showcasing his new body art. "For everyone who's saying that the artist did a sh*tty job, y'all are clearly blind!!!" He added, "f*ck the haters. I don't care what anyone says. I love my tattoo and I think it's dope." Read on to get a closer look at his piece!

Cyrus teased his upcoming Lip Kit tattoo with a saucy shot of his original Kylie ink. "I don't care what anybody has to say about my tattoo. I'm glad I got it! They're really gonna be mad at what I get next."

Cyrus paused during the tattoo process to show off the outline of his new artwork.

Here's the finished product!

But seriously, where can we get this Kylie iPhone cover?