Laverne Cox Proves She's Simply Stunning Without Makeup or Weaves

Though Laverne Cox has shared bare-faced selfies before, her most recent makeup-free Instagram post has us feeling inspired. The Orange Is the New Black star proudly showed off her radiant complexion as well as her natural hair.

"The other day after I took out my braids before we put them back in. I keep it natural underneath," she explained. "I love fake hair. It's one of the great joys of my life. As an actress and a woman I love being able to transform, to switch up my look when I want to with wigs, weaves and bundles a plenty. I love this too. It's about choices and options."

Fans of Laverne know that she celebrates self-acceptance and love regularly. Instagram users recently accused her of getting rhinoplasty, but she revealed that it was just a controversial Snapchat filter.

In a world where Photoshop and Facetune have become normalized, it can be hard for some to see themselves as naturally beautiful. Laverne's confidence — and bravery to share her true self with the world — is truly empowering. We hope that her followers recognize this and learn to celebrate themselves as Laverne has. Now if only she would reveal her skin care routine . . .