Lily Collins on Her Eyebrows: "As a Kid, I Wanted to Change Them"

Lily Collins serves as inspiration for many reasons — including her acting chops and her incredible honesty — but when it comes to her beauty style, it's her eyebrows that motivate us. It's hard to put down the tweezers, but hoping to achieve full, dense arches like Lily's does the trick. However, in a recent interview with InStyle, the Lancome ambassadress disclosed that she wasn't always a fan of her brows.

"I think we all want to fit in at a young age, and we alter things about ourselves that we think are different to fit in better, and one of those things is my eyebrows," she explained. "They were so bold and very . . . big on my face, and as a kid, I wanted to change that." Lily shared that she "hacked" at them to make them skinnier, and while she thought she looked amazing, her mom set her straight with not just beauty advice, but an important life lesson, too.

"She proceeded to tell me, 'You need to accept the quirky things that make you different and make you beautiful. It's the things that make you stand out that make you unique and allow people to appreciate that.'" Read on to see the entire clip in full, then read Lily's interview with InStyle.