Lip Smacker Is Stealing Our Disney-Loving Hearts With the New Spring Tsum Tsum Collection

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Once again, Lip Smacker is winning us over with the company's always-adorable Disney Tsum Tsum balms. For Spring, the iconic brand has debuted four new characters with their own new flavors. Thumper, Bambi's bunny buddy, comes with a balm that's scented like caramel kisses, and gloomy Eeyore's is "Cheer Up Buttercup" flavored, which smells like butterscotch. Your favorite chipmunks, Chip and Dale, are fragranced with your favorite desserts, Chocolate Chip (get it?) and Kooky Oatmeal Cookie.

These sweet collectibles are the perfect addition to your friends' and family's Easter baskets, but we won't judge if you hoard the delightful items for yourself. The balms are $5 each and available now on and at your local drugstore. Read on to see the cute new additions to the Tsum Tsum line.