You've Got a Friend in These New Toy Story Lip Balms

If you weren't already obsessed with Lip Smacker balms, you're about to lose your Disney-loving mind. The sweet-flavored brand teamed up with Disney to bring two new balms to its Pixar Cube range. In the original Pixar-themed lineup, fans could choose from Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Lotso (from Toy Story 3), and Boo (from Monsters Inc.)

The next film in Pixar's docket will be Toy Story 4 (in theaters June 21), and in honor of its release, Lip Smacker is adding two more of your favorite toys to the collection. Rex the dinosaur and Ham the piggy bank will be available for purchase alongside the rest of the characters for $5 each.

Check out all the characters, ahead.

Lip Smacker Pixar Cubes