I've Been Searching For the Perfect Vampy Fall Lipstick, and This New Release Is My Answer

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
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As a beauty-lover, I majorly lean into seasonal makeup looks. I'm all for pastel eye shadows in the Spring, bronzy skin in the Summer, and dark eyeliner for Winter. Clearly, I can't wait to wear a rich, bold lip daily when Fall rolls around.

I'm quite particular about which lipsticks to use — the formula can't be drying, yet it should have serious staying power. If I can bite into a sandwich at lunch and not need to reapply, it passes the test. I have tried out dozens of newly released options, but my current favorite is Lipstick Queen Method in the Madness Lipstick ($25) in Manic Mauve. The latest product from the brand has a marble effect, so no two swipes of the lipstick are alike; they blend together into a complementary shade.

No two swipes of the lipstick are alike; they blend together into a complementary shade.

The deep plum and mauve hue will flatter a variety of skin tones. Plus, the ultramoisturizing formula includes vitamin E so your lips won't dry out. You can lightly dab the lipstick on your mouth for an understated daytime look or layer it on for a vampy finish ideal for evening. Because the color is a statement-maker, I like to keep the rest of my makeup understated and allow for the lipstick to be the focal point.

Beyond being an excellent lipstick, the tube has a gorgeous design on it. It's the type of product I will proudly display on my vanity. If you're interested in giving this lipstick a try, I'll let you in on a secret: it's in this Fall's POPSUGAR Must Have box. You get over $300 worth of products for only $75, so you would be snagging the product plus much more for a great deal. It seems like an obvious choice to me. You deserve to treat yourself.