These $5 Lisa Frank Makeup Brushes Will Speak to Your '90s-Loving Heart

Those of us who remember shopping at the Limited Too at the mall or watching Saved By the Bell live on TV after school (since DVR did not exist!) will love these affordable Lisa Frank-designed makeup brushes. To recap, the brushes were created by indie brand Glamour Dolls Makeup. The brand launched a Kickstarter earlier this year with the help of beauty influencer Kandee Johnson, and now the products are available to shop.

While we love the eye shadows, the brushes are standouts from the collection. First of all, they're gorgeous — with a Lisa Frank-printed handle and fluffy pink bristles. The description on the website reads: "watch how the brush hairs instantly grab color and are similar to that of a unicorn: soft, fluffy, and always cruelty-free." But perhaps the best part is that they are just $5 each!

There are two variations right now. There's a bigger sloped brush that is perfect for hot-pink '90s blush. And there's also a thinner brush for your shimmery, Mariah Carey-influenced shadows.

Shop them ahead and proudly display them on your vanity for a touch of nostalgia.