Lucy Hale Makes Summer's Most Polarizing Haircut Look GOOD

Have you seen Lucy Hale's bang-up new hairstyle, posted on Instagram last night? Kristin Ess, the celebrity hairstylist who's worked with the likes of Lauren Conrad and Jenna Dewan, just posted a boomerang of the actress with some serious '70s-era fringe — and, as you might expect, it's caused some Pretty Little Liars-level hype. But Ess gave POPSUGAR the scoop, and confirmed that things aren't always as they seem.

"These are fake bangs," she said. "And actually, this is an old look we did about a year and a half ago."

Still, that doesn't mean you can't use Hale's faux fringe as your ultimate summer hair inspiration. Because TBH, even though people typically reserve bangs for the cooler months — when forehead sweat or the sticky humidity isn't as much of an issue — we're loving this look for a breezy summer day, as well. Pair it with wide leg jeans and a printed tunic, and we're basically all killing the throwback game.