From Heaven to Earth — Lush's “God Is a Woman" Bath Bomb Has Arrived

Ariana Grande VEVO | Lush Cosmetics
Ariana Grande VEVO | Lush Cosmetics

Lush's Goddess Bath Bomb ($9), the brand's spin on the heavenly pools Ariana Grande bathed in during her "God Is a Woman" video, has finally touched down on earth.

This bath bomb, which Ariana Grande fans have been waiting for since July, explodes into celestial swirls of lilac, silver, and pink that smell of oudh and sandalwood. (It's funny because that's exactly what we thought the pool in Grande's video would smell like: tranquility.) The orb also contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and argan oil to leave skin moisturized.

The idea for a "God is a Woman"-inspired bath bomb traces back to when a fan tweeted at the brand, prompting a response from Grande saying, "I'd do anything." Lush's chief digital officer Jack Constantine heard the plea and immediately got to work on Goddess. The company tells POPSUGAR that it is set to arrive in the US on Nov. 22. Photos of the bath-time explosion, ahead.

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God Is a Woman by Ariana Grande