People Are Creating Lush Bath Bomb Charm Bracelets, and It's the Cutest Damn Thing

Lushies aren't exactly known for being shy about their love for the popular brand. From chopping up Bath Bombs to find out what's inside to literally tattooing the brand's famous products onto their bodies forever, sh*t gets serious. The latest way to declare your love for Lush turns out to also be the cutest — that's because people are making beyond-adorable bath-bomb charm bracelets.

Yup, your favorite middle-school accessory just got a quirky upgrade, and much like we did with our Juicy Couture baubles back in eighth grade, we want to collect these charms in all of their gaudy glory.

But the fun doesn't have to stop at your wrist — Etsy shopkeepers like Arts & Candy have also made corresponding necklaces and earrings. Hey, the matchy-matchy look is superhot right now, so by all means, hook yourself up with multiple bath bomb accoutrements.

Read on for some serious holiday party accessory inspiration.