Beauty Babes Are Creating "Super" Badass Looks With Their Wonder Woman Brushes

From the moment we set eyes on Luxie Beauty's Wonder Woman brush set, we knew that it was a must buy . . . and now that beauty babes are starting to create looks using the "super" tools, we're even more convinced. Sure, the red, blue, and gold looks are the brainchild of each makeup maven, but we're believers that the brushes (which are inspired by Diana's armor from the empowering film) impart an extra dose of heroic skill.

Of course, customers are still receiving their kits in the mail, but the first few makeup looks created with the brushes have taken our breath away. Read on for several stunning Wonder Woman beauty looks created with the Luxie collaboration, and even get tutorials for a couple! When it comes to superhero makeup, count us in.

Lasso-of-Truth Gold Shadow

Amazon Armor Eyes

How to Get the Look:

Sultry Diana Prince

Classic Wonder Woman

How to Get the Look: