Madonna Teams Up With The Fat Jewish to Tease Her $600 Chrome Face Mask

Back in August, we caught a glimpse of Madonna's MDNA Chrome Clay Mask, which can be removed magnetically (in other words: without splashing water all over your face and ruining your sink with sticky goo).

Ever since then, we've been waiting patiently for the collection — which was previously only available in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan — to expand stateside. We now know that MDNA hits US stores on Sept. 26.

What's more, according to Madonna, it's given comedian The Fat Jewish (aka Josh Ostrovsky) "beautiful skin."

While the fact that the beauty icon teamed up with an Instagram-famous meme-maker to promote MDNA might sound strange at first, just take a look at the behind-the-scenes promo the pair shot together. To be honest, their spa day looks pretty relaxing, and their new friendship is totally something we can support.

"Bitch, you're Madonna," The Fat Jewish told the 59-year-old legend. "Bitch, you're right," she responded, in between clips of the chrome mask doing its work. We are obsessed with watching the magnetic skin rejuvenator tool pull off the artichoke leaf extract-infused mask. The gliding motion is graceful, gentle, and similar to those tranquil ASMR videos people watch to fall asleep or reduce stress. But it won't come cheap: the Chrome Clay Mask and Skin Rejuvenator Set retails for $600. The six-piece line also includes a serum ($240), rose mist ($120), face wash ($50), and eye mask ($50).

If the three-figure prices are too steep for your skincare budget, don't despair! The Material Girl hinted to WWD that a more moderately priced collection is in the works for Fall 2018.